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Give your furry friend the vacation that they deserve.

About Us

We here at Bed and Barks love our pets, and trying to find a good fit for them when we traveled, was always our biggest stressor. We found ourselves limited in options, and not being able to enjoy our own vacation over our worry for them. We wanted to create a place that mimicked all the comforts of home, that cared for our pets like their own family. Like most small businesses, it hasn’t always been easy, and there have been plenty of tears along the way, but it makes where we are now that much sweeter. Our facility makes us great, but it’s the love and care you feel when you come in our doors, that makes us special.

Our Amenities

14 - 5x8 rooms each with tv subscribed to dog tv, each with its own webcam, outside play with webcam, inside play with webcam!

4- 3x5 rooms tv subscribed to cat tv, webcam for viewing, cat tree and multiple climbs to keep them entertained. Feliway for calming and Pretty Litter for urinary health monitoring!

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Our Facility

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